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I enjoy light & color, old architecture with a strong line or design as part of the function; the design brings the outside in. I enjoy hiking and the natural beauty of this world as a peaceful escape from the intensity of our divided world. My use of a technique, High Dynamic Range, much like Ansel Adams’ zone system yet, somehow more modern, sharp and often in vivid color. I love using archival paper with a large format Epson Archival inkjet printing on a variety of substrates from Metallic to Fibre paper. The surface you choose has as much to do with the viewer’s experience and interpretation of my narrative as the image itself. My use of large format inkjet on archival vellum & gold leaf to create images. Which are both inspired by the History of Photographic Art and very much of modern technology. There is something wonderful about the quality things created from antiquity. Yet, I live for the high definition and crisp color of our high tech vivid presence with its sharpness of detail and the ability of our cameras to capture the ranges of color and detail never before accomplished. My subjects are from the natural part of the world and the constantly changing, often familiar, the timelessness of Life. I love experiencing the old in a very new way of seeing. I am often told my images are Painterly. Yet, it is extremely clear these images are technical, crisp and innately photographic. I love taking my viewer on a journey into the way I see this world, reflecting on the past but embracing new technology and techniques to create in the post editing, a range of vivid color as I perceive it. I also love integrating motion & still imagery in the form of Cinemagraphs & Motion Graphic pieces. I am working on a complimentary use for my aesthetic. These may be viewed on my website & social media pages.  I enjoy creating apps with Indesign through interactive design techniques for view on iPad or mobile devices. I also enjoy projection & integration of sound & movement. I have had opportunities to collaborate with our Fashion design program on runway shows. I could see similar work with Dancers and theatrical performance. I am constantly integrating current technology into my creative process to push the viewer into different ways of experiencing my visual narrative. This seems to engage a broad audience.  I enjoy the polished look of commercial work & find it may be a more palatable form of expressing a more intense narrative in the future.


Pat Perigo

E-mail: patperigo2@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pperigo/
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/patricialperigo/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pat.perigo.1/

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